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Honor Roll of Donors

On behalf of the College of Arts and Letters, thank you to those who have given generously in support of our programs, students and future. Gifts from alumni and friends are significant in helping the college maintain the highest standards of excellence. Although we strive to list each and every donor accurately, errors and omissions do sometimes occur. If your name has been incorrectly listed or does not appear, please contact the Office of Development and Alumni Relations at (517) 353-4725.

Donor Societies

The following individuals have made a significant commitment to Michigan State University with at least 10 percent of their total giving directed to the College of Arts & Letters. Their generosity qualifies them for lifetime recognition in one of the University’s donor societies.

Frank S. Kedzie Society

($1,000,000 cash or $1,500,000 planned gift)
Audrey and John Leslie
Mr. and Mrs. Albert B. Ratner
Michael and Elaine Serling
Jack D. and Margaret D. Sweet
Thomas P. Yunck

Robert S. Shaw Society

($500,000 cash or $1,000,000 planned gift)
Doug and Ginny Jewell
Ed Levy, Jr.

Theophilus C. Abbot Society

($250,000 cash or $500,000 planned gift)
Irwin L. and Judith L. Elson
Lauren Julius Harris
Mr. Joel J. Lowery and Mrs. Margaret Lowery
Dr. Wendy K. Wilkins and Mr. Jay A. Rodman
Henry O. Timnick

Jonathan L. Snyder Society

($100,000 cash or $200,000 planned gift)
Marlene and Paul Borman
Howard T. Clauser
Joseph and Suzanne Colucci
Patricia Geoghegan
Steven H. Holtzman
Shigeo (D)* and Isako Imamura
Alan J. and Sue Kaufman
Dr. Lucy F. Lee
Gloria and F. R. (Pete) Lehman
William J. Lowe, Ph.D. and Mrs. Pamela A. Lowe
Timothy D. and Margaret A. Mather
Bill and Carol Mechanic
Wendy and Gary Merkey
Dr. Colletta H. Moser
Mr. and Mrs. R. D. Musser, Jr.
Mary E. Nolen
Neal C. Patterson, Jr. and Carole Nelson Patterson
James L. and Elaine M. Rauschert
Luther S. Roehm
Sydney and Elizabeth Ross Family Foundation
Gary and Lisa Shiffman
Mr. and Mrs. Louis R. Somers
Ann and Don Stormzand
Alan P. Suits and Jane K. Vieth Suits
Robert S. and Catherine M. Workman

John A. Hannah Society

($50,000 cash or $100,000 planned gift)
Walt Bielski
Mrs. Beverly Hall Burns and Mr. Benjamin J. Burns (D)*
Christine A. Doyle and Michael Yessik
Albert and Sharie Gladner
John T. and Carolyn M. Houdek
Brigitte and Thomas Huff
Michael C. and Mary P. Levine
Camilla Dean Liebold
Mrs. Robert K. Lo
Dr. Patrick M. McConeghy
Mr. and Mrs. R. D. Musser, III
Alan and Sue Offen
Dr. Nancy H. Pogel and Dr. Larry N. Landrum
Juliette L. Primeau
Gretel Geist Rutledge
Sandra and Joe Slaughter
Sally A. Spaniolo
Linda O. Stanford and Richard M. Stanford
Frank A. Tegge
Dr. Ilona L. Tobin

Beaumont Tower Society

($25,000 cash gift)
Sam M. and Mary E. Austin
Peggy Bransdorfer
Edward A. Brill
Jere and Gail Brown
Mary Ann Chartrand
Dr. Ronald F. and Mrs. Shelley G. Cichy
Mary A. Collins
James A. Colman
Mr. and Mrs. Allen J. Counard
J. Robert Crofoot and Kay Krueger Crofoot
Patricia A. D’Itri
Joseph P. Flanagan
Charles and Halen Foster
Sally Helvenston Gray
Richard and Jane Greene
Kathy D. Hood
David Katzman
Charles A. Kelly
Gabriele F. Kende
Jonathon D. Koenigsberg, J.D.
Janet L. Kreger
Jeffrey and Bryna Leib
David K. and Susan J. Otis
Fred L. and Charlotte E. Poston
Mrs. Albert I. Rabin
Winifred H. Rome
Kenneth S. and Lori E. Rudman
Marguerite Rust
Ed and Dot Slade
Michael J. Smith
Sandra E. Soifer
Dr. Rich Sternberg and Christine Call-Sternberg
Dr. Paul B. Thompson and E. Diane Thompson
Norman and Marjory Veliquette
Dr. and Mrs. Martin Weissman
Dr. Karin A. Wurst and Mr. Doyle Brunsen

Presidents Club

($10,000 cash gift)
Patricia Abood
Etta C. Abrahams and Herbert S. Greenberg
Fred and Linda Anderson
Robert and Elizabeth Anderson
Gary and Carolyn Anthony
Dr. Walter Baird and Marilyn Baird
Mr. Richard H. Barrett
Drs. Kathryn and Robert Bartol
Joan Walker-Berardo and Patrick J. Berardo
Elaine M. Bergman
Drs. Arnold and Claire Berkman
Samuel I. and Susan Bernstein
Marianne C. Besaw
Ken and Pam Bloom
David P. and Patricia L. Bostwick
Norris C. and Carol C. Bryson
Stuart and Roberta Bush
Martin Buth
David and Barbara Coey
Pamela J. Colton
Barbara and Gene Crockett
Loraine J. Hudson and W. Michael Cushion
M. Christine Demmer
Dr. Richard E. Devey
Pamela A. Dilley
Steve and Tammy Dines
Barbara B. Dixon
Kirk A. Domer
Michael A. Doyle
Dr. Surjit Singh Dulai
Dr. and Mrs. John Eadie (D)*
Dr. and Mrs. Harry Eick
Douglas Elbinger
Mr. and Mrs. Charles F. Engel
Alan and Carol Fisher and Family
James and Maribeth Fletcher
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas C. Gale
Daniel and Jennifer Gilbert
Margie J. Gillette
W. Fred and Jean Graham
Robert J. and Virginia R. Hanley
Deborah A. Happ
Alan C. Harnisch
Diane L. Harnisch
Michael and Ann Tukey Harrison
William B. Hixson, Jr. and Vivian S. Hixson
Professor Gary Hoppenstand and Mrs. Rebecca Hoppenstand
Darrel and Nola Hotchkin
Victor and Susan Howard
Ms. Sharon M. Joyner
Thomas and Sarah Juntune
Drs. Donald Kaufman and Elizabeth Hutchinson
Dr. Charles T. and Barbara J. King
Mr. E. Mackey King
Mr. Theodore J. Klapperich, Sr.
Kenneth M. Korotkin
Mordechai and Marlaina Kreinin
Mike Kupfer
Gail and Arthur Langer
Daniel M. and Jeannie Nemesi La Ville
Mel and Nancy Leiserowitz
Mark L. Lezell
Marvin Lieberman
Carl Lund
Debra Mansel
Jeremy L. Mattson, Ph.D. and Dr. Joan C. Mattson
H. Craig Melchert
William and Susan Merten
Richard J. Miller III and Faye Janowiak Miller
Shahe Michael Momjian and Shirley Brennan Momjian
Ronald G. Morgan
Lynn and Barbara Munroe
Dr. Debra Nails
Dr. Ronald and Sati Nichols
Mark Olson
Mrs. Robert G. Platt
Shrikumar and Mayurika Poddar
Michael and Kathleen Pominville
Maurice and Leanor Reizen
Claude D. Renshaw and Mary E. (Lumianski) Renshaw
Steven L. Rodgers
Alma J. Rombouts
Martin and Irene Ross
Kathleen Kinsella Rout
CDR Hans P. E. Sachse, USN (Ret) and Miss Dolores Cherrington
Mrs. Scholberg
Allyn R. Shaw, Ph.D.
Carol W. Slater, Ph.D.
Harvey and Nancy Solway
Christopher and Rebecca Surian
Thomas and Joy Thrun
Mr. Jacob C. Tiedt
Jeanne Tompkins Page
Bruce and Jo-Ann VandenBergh
Mark and Karen Vander Jagt
Eldon and Elizabeth VanLiere
The Weinsheink Family
Dr. and Mrs. Jerrold M. Weiss
Max W. Wendel
Marcellette G. Williams
Norman and Marilyn Wise
Lynne S. Yirchott
Murray E. Young, Jr. and Susan V. Young
Edward R. Yunck
James and Rose Zacks

1855 Club

The 1855 Club is donor society for current or retired MSU faculty and staff; members pledge an annual gift of $1,000 per year for five years
Ms. Sarah K. Blom
John F. and Ruth M. Bratzel
Rudolf and Starla J. Dietrich
Garth D. and Stephanie C. Motschenbacher
Dr. Debra Nails
Rob Roznowski

Linda E. Landon Society

The College of Arts & Letters recognizes the following individuals and families, who, through their estate plans, have established a planned gift benefiting MSU with at least 10 percent of their gift directed to the college. These future gifts may include a bequest through a will or personal trust, or one of the several charitable life-income plans.
Mr. Richard H. Barrett
Ms. Barbara J. Block
Edward J. and Kathryn A. Boucher
Larry L. Carey, Ph.D.
Howard T. Clauser
Marilyn M. Culpepper
Christine A. Doyle and Michael Yessik
Ms. Donna A. Dulfon
Joan H. Elliott and M. J. Elliott II
Mrs. Marilyn L. Erickson
Joseph C. Ferrar, Jr. and Sara J. Ferrar
Albert and Sharie Gladner
Ms. Barbara P. Goretzka
Mrs. Margaret F. Hansen
Lauren Julius Harris
Ms. Carolyn J. Hook
Jonathan A. and Susan N. Hoover
Doug and Ginny Jewell
Mr. E. Mackey King
Audrey and John Leslie
Camilla Dean Liebold
Ms. Lisa K. Lipinski
Mrs. Robert K. Lo
Joel J. Lowery
Timothy D. and Margaret A. Mather
Mrs. Alice C. Matonic
Dr. Colletta H. Moser
Mary E. Nolen
Joan M. Palinski
Neal C. Patterson Jr. and Carole Nelson Patterson
Dr. Bob Pettapiece
Dr. Nancy H. Pogel and Dr. Larry N. Landrum
James L. and Elaine M. Rauschert
Mrs. Charlene E. Rennoe
Luther S. Roehm
Michael and Elaine Serling
Alan P. Suits and Jane K. Vieth Suits
Dr. Ilona L. Tobin
Mary C. and Roscoe Waggoner
Dr. Wendy K. Wilkins and Mr. Jay A. Rodman
Marcellette G. Williams
Robert S. and Catherine M. Workman
Thomas P. Yunck

Calendar Year Donors

The College of Arts & Letters gratefully acknowledges the support of the following individuals and families who made gifts during calendar years 2010, 2011 and 2012.

$5,000 plus

Edward A. Brill
Mr. and Mrs. Allen J. Counard
Rose Marie D’Aloisio (D)*
Kirk A. Domer
Christine A. Doyle and Michael Yessik
Irwin L. and Judith L. Elson
Dr. Ada Weintraub Finifter
Kathleen A. Flanagan
Charles and Halen Foster
Harvey Gass
Richard and Sophie Gerisch
James P. Gillis and Alison B. Hooker
Albert and Sharie Gladner
Sally Helvenston Gray
Lauren Julius Harris
Steven H. Holtzman
Professor Gary Hoppenstand and Mrs. Rebecca Hoppenstand
Judith Hudson and Kathryn Humphrey
Shigeo (D)* and Isako Imamura
Isaac and Gita Kaplowitz
Alan J. and Sue Kaufman
Gail and Arthur Langer
Gloria and F. R. (Pete) Lehman
Audrey and John Leslie
Ed Levy, Jr.
William J. Lowe, Ph.D. and Mrs. Pamela A. Lowe
Dr. Patrick M. McConeghy
Bill and Carol Mechanic
H. Craig Melchert
Mr. and Mrs. R. D. Musser, Jr.
Mark Olson
Kurt M. Peterson
Bob Pettapiece
Thomas M. Rainson
Claude D. Renshaw and Mary E.
(Lumianski) Renshaw
Ritta Rosenberg
Kay Royer Webb
Marguerite Rust
Michael and Elaine Serling
Gary and Lisa Shiffman
John A. Sinker, Jr.
Sandra and Joe Slaughter
Alan P. Suits and Jane K. Vieth Suits
Robert B. and Sally Swiss
Frank A. Tegge
Dr. Paul B. Thompson and E. Diane Thompson
Henry O. Timnick
Phillip L. Werner, Jr.

$1,000 - $4,999

Jeanette and Norman Abeles
Patricia Abood
Mr. and Mrs. Seymour Adler
Sam M. and Mary E. Austin
Philip and Jacqueline Babcock
Ruth M. Baidas
Howard and Viv Ballein
Dr. Herbert Bergman
Samuel I. and Susan Bernstein
Marianne C. Besaw
Barbara and Douglas A. Bloom
Ken and Pam Bloom
Coralene and Basil Bloss
Kathleen A. and Gregory A. Bozek
John F. and Ruth M. Bratzel
Thomas M. Brennan
Norris C. and Carol C. Bryson
George P. and Susan M. Buck
Stuart and Roberta Bush
John and Peggy Calandro
Diana S. Cavett
Thomas H. Cook
J. Robert Crofoot and Kay Krueger Crofoot
Christopher J. D’Arienzo
Cathy N. Davidson
Jack and Susan Davis
Bradley N. Deacon
Rudolf and Starla J. Dietrich
Joseph I. Donohoe, Jr. and Vera M. Donohoe
Dr. and Mrs. John Eadie (D)*
Susan C. and Maurice Ekstrom
Roger G. and Sheryl K. Faix
Karen A. Florez
Kathy E. Fore
William H. and Connie J. Foster
Joyce M. Banish
Susan M. Gass and William J. Ard Patricia Geoghegan
Dr. Karen L. Gillmor and Family
Deborah A. Happ
Roger L. and Carol S. Haverfield
Betina B. Henig
Gail A. Hohenstein and David W. Thie
Carolyn J. Hook
Sharla J. Hoskin
Loraine J. Hudson and W. Michael Cushion
Anning Jing and Yun Yan Shen
Judith L. and Larry L. Johnson
Stuart M. Jones and Mary Sommerfield
Ms. Sharon M. Joyner
Gabriele F. Kende
Morris Y. and Sylvia Y. Kimura
Suzanne M. Kirschner
Jonathon D. Koenigsberg, J.D.
Margaret A. Lane
Donald M. and Gail S. Lansky
Douglas C. and Ramona J. Lawrence
Marvin Lieberman
Lisa I. and Hannan Lis
Thomas A. and Mary Lovik
Nina and Dugald McMillan
Wendy and Gary Merkey
Julia T. and Alex Merriman
William and Susan Merten
Gregory A. Miller and Cheryl L. Webster-Miller
David and Jill Mittleman
Garth D. and Stephanie C. Motschenbacher
Dr. Debra Nails
Dana D. Nelson
Linda J. Nelson
Alan and Sue Offen
Christopher P. and Maricar Parks
Marsha L. Parrott-Boyle
Malea D. Powell
David K. and Elaine W. Prestel
Debra K. Ralston
Rose A. Reagan Holmes and Russell P. Holmes
William J. and Joyce Ruskin
Gretel Geist Rutledge
Glenn A. and Karen Saltsman
Stephanie K. and David I. Schrodt
Charles R. and Teresa E. Severance
Allyn R. Shaw, Ph.D.
Sandra E. Soifer
Gary M. and Carol D. Sole
Mr. and Mrs. Louis R. Somers
Ted and Pauline Sondag
Sally A. Spaniolo
James G. Spencley
Louise A. Sternberg
Dr. Rich Sternberg and Christine Call-Sternberg
Mr. Laurence B. Stone and Linda C. Stone, M.D.
Ann and Don Stormzand
Lori Talsky and Alan Zekelman
Mr. Jacob C. Tiedt
Bruce and Jo-Ann VandenBergh
Jaime G. Vela
Kenneth and Sandra P. Waltzer
Dr. and Mrs. Jerrold M. Weiss
Jane S. Welborn
Carolyn White
Norman and Marilyn Wise
Sheldon and Iris Yellen
James and Rose Zacks

$500 - $999

Eric B. Abramson
Margaret E. Alldredge
Steven G. Allen and Linda L. Pattison
Addell P. Austin Anderson
Eugene and Marcia Applebaum
Kay P. Baldwin
Ronald M. and Diane Barron
Drs. Arnold and Claire Berkman
Nancy L. and William D. Betts
Walt Bielski
Christine R. Birdwell
Paul A. and Leane C. Blake
Henry and Lois Blosser
Clarence A. Bonnen and Susan Desmarais-Bonnen
Robert M. and Marsha Britton
Judy L. Christoff
Howard T. Clauser
David and Barbara Coey
Linda C. and Mark D. Conradi
Louise Anderson Crandall
J. Robert Crofoot
John M. Darscheid
Stephen E. and Consiglia J. Dawson
Dr. David DeBiose
Pamela A. Dilley
Steve and Tammy Dines
Beverly B. and Martin A. Dinsmore
John B. and Abby H. Dux
Joanne Eicher
Dr. and Mrs. Harry Eick
Barry C. Eldridge
Lori and Harold H. Emmons III
Robert A. and Sarah S. Engmark
Robert W. and Barbara R. Felkel
Leonard M. Fleck and Jean F. Edmunds
Michael A. and Tiffany Fleischer
Victoria L. Fox
Barbara B. Free
Michael W. and Nanci W. Freedman
Allan and Harriet Gelfond
Debra R. and David A. Gift
Paula A. Gills
Mary L. Giovan
Lisa K. and Kevin J. Gleeson
Judy A. Green and Gordon R. Welch
Craig J. Gunn
Birte A. and Peder Gregers Hansen
Patrick and Cynthia Harrington
Michael and Ann Tukey Harrison
Edward E. Heckler
Carol S. Hodgkin
Robert M. and Beverly N. Holaday
Mark and Marcia Hooper
John T. and Carolyn M. Houdek
Daniel J. and Katharine M. Hude
Grover M. Hudson and Mutsuko Endo Hudson
Gayle E. and James L. Jocks
Fred W. Johnson
Simone P. Joyaux and Tom Ahern
Takashi Kanno
Ruth and Evan Katz
James W. and Barbara J. Keinath, Ph.D.
Ann T. Kellogg
Mark R. Knox and Sheryl Cormicle Knox
Rita and Bradley Krause
Donald E. LaCasse, Jr. and Judith A. LaCasse
Bradley K. Larson
Jeffrey and Bryna Leib
Richard E. Lenski and Madeleine Honig Lenski
Franklin Q. Levin and Barbara J. Blizzard
Joan M. Liddell
Daniel S. Linhardt
Michael J. LoGrasso and JoAnn Ribaudo
Karen M. Loth
Elisabeth Anne Luick
Carol L. Maines
Penny L. and Raymond J. Malcoun
Frank J. Marxer and Celia B. Wycoff-Marxer
Molly R. and Jeffrey F. Mason
Carol Masse
Jeremy L. Mattson, Ph.D. and Dr. Joan C. Mattson
Robert R. McCrae
David K. McFarlane
Melanie L. McLeod and Rodger L. Jackson
John A. and Nancy J. Middlestead
Shahe Michael Momjian and Shirley Brennan Momjian
Patrick and Kathee Morgan
Richard J. and Jane M. Moss
Lynn and Barbara Munroe
Stephen O. Murray and KeeLung Hong
Carl J. and Jenifer L. Nelson
Kenneth W. and Lesley M. Neufeld
Christine O’Neill Singer
Dennis M. and Patricia W. O’Neill
Kevin J. and Kimberly A. Palczynski
Dr. Nigel Paneth and Ellen Pollak
Jay S. Paul
Linda R. Peckham and Robert J. Morris
Karen A. Peruske
George F. Peters
Janet S. and Steven J. Peters
Richard T. Peterson and Carolyn S. Loeb
Alain A. Pivetta
Bonnie L. Prouty
Brian D. Ramsey
Harry A. and Joan E. Ramseyer
Gary L. and Rhonda Ran
Alexander N. and E Jane Reath
Louis B. and Veronica B. Reinwasser
Margaret R. and Robert M. Robbins
James P. and Peggy A. White
Dr. Wendy K. Wilkins and Mr. Jay A. Rodman
Alma J. Rombouts
Janice L. Ross
Roy C. Saper and Nell Kuhnmuench
Sheila L. and Leon P. Schafer
Catherine H. Schappert
David G. Schappert
Katherine M. Scott
Andrew and Roxanne Smith
Daryl L. and Ella M. Smith
Linda O. Stanford and Richard M. Stanford
M. James Stewart and Mary H. Job
Peter A. and Cynthia B. Straffon
Carolyn J. Switzer
Margaret G. Tangenberg
Donna K. and Rollie G. Thomas
Paul A. Tomasko, Jr. and Julie M. Tomasko
Mark and Karen Vander Jagt
Arthur J. Versluis and Janice A. Stryz
Alaine M. and John A. Weiss
Max W. Wendel
Neil G. Whitbeck and Alysha M. Goodwin
David W. and Jean K. Wolski

$100 - $499

Carol L. Abdo
Gerald R. and Jean Aben
Etta C. Abrahams and Herbert S. Greenberg
Walter(D)* and Pauline Adams
Gary and Barbara Adelman
Stephen S. and Tracy M. Aichele
Anne N. Albaum
Michael W. and Marcia R. Alberts
Christopher M. Albertson
Emma Albi
Charles B. and Mitzi S. Allen
Marcia G. Allen
Derek W. and Jane F. Allinson
Nancy E. and Eric H. Andersen
April L. Anderson
David E. Anderson
Marjorie J. and David Anderson
Robert and Elizabeth Anderson
Ruth A. Anderson
Tamara N. and DaJuane L. Anderson
Ray J. and Holly J. Andrecheck
Linda M. Andrews and Daniel A. Lamberton
Robert M. Andrews
Elizabeth A. Andrus and Jerome H. Willson
Richard C. and Jean Andrus
Paul J. Ansel
Gary and Carolyn Anthony
Steven M. and Edie Arbit
Susan K. and Thomas D. Ardern
Jack M. and Jane Armistead
Andrew H. Arnot
Marilyn B. and Joel C. Aronoff
Theda P. Assiff-MacGriff
Marianne C. Au
Earl D. and Sharyn Austin
Neil L. and Judith R. Austin
Gavin I. Awerbuch
Theodore D. Aylward, Sr. and Kathleen L. Aylward
Louise A. Babirak
Jennene A. and Robert M. Bach
Charles W. Bachman, Jr. and Constance H. Bachman (D)*
Sarah M. Baidas
Rebecca L. Bailey
Charlotte R. Bain
Dr. Walter Baird and Marilyn Baird
Elizabeth A. Baker Newell and Robert H. Newell
David Balas and Jim Sellman
David J. Baldwin
Mary L. Ballagh Grunert and Fred C. Grunert
Edward S. Banfield, Jr. and Mary J. Banfield
Marjorie E. and Price T. Banks
William and Amy Barkholz
Lawrence A. Barnes
Celeste R. and Robert Barrett
Mary T. and David W. Barrows
Concetta M. Bartolotta
Jack and Joanne Bass
Jeane A. and David J. Bayens
Kenneth C. Beachler
Ulysses S. Beasley
Derk W. and Wendy S. Beckerleg
Muriel M. Beckett
Kenneth O. Beckman
Thelca M. and John Bedminster
Debra D. Beehler
Priscilla B. Bellairs
Philip C. Bellfy and Margaret M. Cunniffe
David C. Bellville
Lawrence A. Belskis
Cameron F. Bender
Martin and Ronna L. Benjamin
William M. and Deborah K. Bennett
Marcie E. Bensman and Don Massetti
Karen I. Benson
Georgia B. and Homer M. Bentley
Peter I. Berg and Lisa M. Fine, Ph.D.
Richard P. and Svetlana S. Bernard
Marc S. Bernstein
Elizabeth F. Bevier
Marilynn E. Beyer-Blaisdell
Leeds B. and Margaret W. Bird
Michael and Roberta Bird
John E. Birkenheier and Jane Sajewski
Christopher Bisha
John J. Bistolarides
Jane A. and George E. Bitsicas
Patricia L. Black
Francisco F. Blanco and Marjorie A. Beatty Blanco
Kenneth S. Blatt
Joseph C. and Claudia Blauvelt
Sarah K. Blom
Paul E. and Betty L. Blount
Pearlena and Jason H. Bodzin
Rhonda L. and David A. Bogen
Chris and Donald Bogojevich
Drs. L. Charles and Janet Bokemeier
Linda J. Botimer
Sarah E. Bouck
Richard N. and Twila A. Bourgon
Kathleen C. and Brendan T. Boyle
Debra A. and Jay Bradley
Paula J. Braun
Roger J. and Mary Bresnahan
Doris M. Brewer
Barbara A. Brewka and James A. Lee
Lawrence H. and Linda S. Brickman
Constance A. and Eric T. Britner
Joseph L. and Catherine B. Brockington
Stephen D. Broder
David H. and Patricia J. Brogan
Marian E. and Robert Bromley
Susan M. and Richard F. Brooks
Glen Brough and April Clobes
Ian M. Broughton
Carol S. and Barry L. Brown
Frieda S. Brown
Karin M. and David L. Brown
Nancy N. and James D. Brown
Sara M. Bryce
Valeria M. Buick
Marilyn J. Burklund
Patricia A. Burns
Suezanne S. and Donald L. Burrough
Sally L. Burroughs
Michael G. and Tina M. Burry
Steven J. and Barbara L. Bursian
Gerald P. Busse
Patricia L. Buyze
Teresa K. Byland
Mary J. and Jack R. Cairy
Bruce and Suzanne Caltrider
George B. and Ann M. Cameron
James L. Campana
Jon M. Campbell and Sabrina I. Smith-Campbell, Ph.D.
Carol E. Canavan and Milton L. Webster
Marcia J. and Thomas R. Carbone
Kenneth R. Carpenter
Pamela S. and Stewart J. Carpenter
Lourdes C. Carrasco
Linda J. Carter
Laura M. Casey
Heather H. Cassady and John L. Cassady III
John R. and Mary K. Cast
Joseph (D)* and Margaret Castiglie
Janis A. Chamberlin
Jeffrey G. and Marie E. Charnley
Joseph and Kerry Chartkoff
Diane C. Cheklich
Yaru Chen and Chunchu Wu
Hans H. and Helen Cheng
Marcia D. Childress
Janice M. Christiansen
Bong K. and Shin O. Chung
Michael A. Cieslinski III
Judith K. Claire(D)*
J. Irvin and Christy Nichols
Dorothy E. Clark
Allan J. and Catherine A. Claypool
John E. Clifford
Betty J. Cobb
Marilyn R. and Richard W. Cobb
Honorable and Mrs. Avern Cohn
Carol A. and David E. Cole
Dana L. Cole
Douglas E. and Cassandra L. Collar
Mark W. Colson
Abigail S. Colton
Joseph J. Colucci
Deborah D. Conley
Joan Conley and William C. Conley, Jr.
Cheryl G. Conrad
Albert B. Cook III
Paul D. and Jennifer D. Cooper
Gregory D. and Denise D. Coplai
MaryBeth and Steven P. Costello
Craig W. Cotter
Thomas G. Cotter
Mark R. and Nilofer Couture
Barry L. and Joanne M. Couturier
Christine D. Cox
Thomas L. and Anna G. Croak
Marilyn M. Culpepper
Neil J. and Beverly J. Currie
Charles E. and Jayne N. Curtis
Laura L. Cutler
Kathy A. Cyr
Donna M. Czarnik
Ardyce E. Czuchna-Curl
Maridy E. Dandeneau
Pamela S. Dangelo
Ethel A. and James S. Danhof
Catherine F. Danielou
Mary F. Danis
Judith A. Danziger
Matthew J. Darling
James E. and Joan A. Darnell
Melanie S. Dart and David L. Howland
Peter A. and Linda M. Daunt
Sarah J. Davis Bolz
Bonita L. and Gary F. Davis
Sherry L. Day
Susan D. Decker
Patrick E. Deighan
Mary Ann Dellinger
Patricia F. DeMaria
Frank and Katharine Dennis
Melissa A. Dertian
Debra Y. and Joseph S. DeTrane
Lucinda J. Detrich
Ann Diederich
Connie J. and David W. Dierking
Sidney Ann Dill and Garrett S. Dill, Jr.
Monica DiVito
Lynn M. Domina
Joseph F. and Linda Dominic
Michael P. and Candace L. Donnelly
Erika L. Doster
Marilyn E. Down
Charles and Betty Downs
Michael D. and Elizabeth R. Doyle
Marilyn D. Duffey
Christiana and Walter D. Dugopolski
Sheila J. and Thomas B. Dulapa
Donna L. and Kenneth R. Dunlap
Candice Dunn
Rita L. Echt
James E. and Carla M. Eenigenburg
Ronald G. and Susan M. Eggleston
Kathryn M. and Kwadwo Ekye-Addai
Holly A. and Gary E. Elick
Frank W. and Eva R. Ell
Donna J. Ellis
Janet C. and Kenneth L. Engle
Phyllis A. Epps
Jacque W. Erdman
Barbara K. Erfurt
Michael A. and Michalle R. Eschelbach
Huntley Eshenroder and Caroline Chapman
Anita K. Evans
Marie T. Evans
Kathleen A. Eyde
Peter A. and Noreen C. Facione
Allan S. Falk and Jacqueline A. DeRouin
Suzanne D. Farber
Catharine J. Farley
Annie H. Farrell
Marcia E. Fast
Ronald S. and Deborah B. Faupel
Teresa A. Fausey
Andrea L. Felton
Joyce K. and Samuel E. Fent
Roger B. and Marcia Fenton
Karen S. Feole
Maritza E. Ferreira
Anna K. Fiedler and Jacob E. McCarthy
Richard W. Field
Rosanne Fifarek
Rita Fine
Carol A. and Robert L. Fiore
Renee L. Firestone
Tamara L. Fish and Nathaniel S. Treadway
Dr. Hiram and Dolores Fitzgerald
Michaele J. and Darin E. Fitzpatrick
Mary F. Fiumano
James and Maribeth Fletcher
Eltjen J. and Geraldine H. Flikkema
Christine Force
Sue C. Force and Gerald L. Emmitt
Jean P. Forrester
Kimberly K. Fortin
Richard W. Fortner
Helen L. Fortson
Brian E. and Susan M. Foster
Gretchen and Rick Foster
Eric J. Franzen
David A. and Karen K. Fraser
Bryce G. and Alida Frederick
Arlene L. Friedland
Belinda Friis
Julie A. Friley
Marcia S. and Walter W. Gaboury
Amy K. Galligan Clark and David M. Clark
Drs. Bernard and Rita S. Gallin
Barbara and Richard L. Gamache
Lawrence E. and Robenia Gary
Richard C. and B. G. S. Gebhardt
Seymour and Riva Geldzahler
Lynn C. and Mark D. Gendleman
Wendy L. George
Margaret A. and James J. Gerometta
Christine Gibson-Beauchamp and Stephen Beauchamp
James W. and Meredith L. Gieseler
Susan J. and John W. Gillett
Karen T. and John B. Gilluly
Paul E. Glac
Marvin Gladstone
Kevin R. and Ekaterina V. Glandon
Robert P. Glandon
Peter and Bianca Glendinning
Yvonne N. Glenn
Susan D. Glutting
Donald S. and Joan S. Gochberg
Michael and Patricia Golombek
Jay I. and Sandra Goodman
Sue C. and Lawrence J. Goodrich
Lori Gorbis and Sherman Gorbis, D.O., F.A.A.O.
Miles Z. and Jan Gordon
Marie L. and Bill Gore
Anna Gotlib
Michael A. Gould
Howard J. Gourwitz
Jeffrey T. and Chandra M. Grabill
George and Susan Graeber
W. Fred and Jean Graham
Sharon A. Granger
Kelly L. Graves
Mary K. Green
Ruth B. Greenbaum
Daniel J. and Nancy L. Greening
Stephanie L. and John L. Gregg
John H. and Sally D. Greve
Dr. Juanita K. Grew
Robert E. and Kelsey Griffin
Nancy J. Grigg
Jacqueline V. Groenland
Thomas J. Gross and Nancy M. Wright-Gross
L. D. Groszko
William J. and Ruth E. Gruhn
Carmen H. Kossayda Gudan
Ronald J. and Donna L. Guernsey
Duane C. and Gloria M. Guest
Robert W. and Gail W. Guth
Eleanor B. and John B. Haarlow
Anne J. and John V. Hackett
Johnnie J. Hafernik and John E. Hafernik, Jr.
Evan D. Haggerty
Lauren A. and William M. Hahn
Ralph J. Hahnenberg
Elizabeth A. Hakola
Ronald R. Haladyna
Sandra E. Halbert
Dennis J. Hall and Ehsan Ahmed
Joanie B. and Robert Hall
Linda A. Hall and Victor J. Rojas
David G. and Carolee V. Hamilton
Keith M. Hamilton
Kaylyn C. Hamlin
Sarah E. Hanifi
John and Louella Hanners
Kit H. Hansen
Laurene K. Harneck
Roger W. Harris
Susan and David M. Harrison
Geraldine and Harold Hart
Laura C. and Benjamin L. Hartley
Kristine M. Harvala
Jeneen Y. Hatoum
Jill M. Haug
Andrew E. and Jessica R. Hayman
Susan C. Heath
Robert E. and Jane E. Hegel
Amy L. Heisler
William J. and Leonore F. Helder
Gloria and James M. Helgemo
Bruce Helmer
Janice E. Hendra
Scott M. and Heather Henman
Larry and Mary Hennessey
Maxine L. Henry
Katherine A. Herig
Doreen Hermelin
Jack B. and Rita A. Hess
Eleanor F. Heusner
Gay E. Heusner
Paula J. Hey
Troy W. Hicks
Constance M. Hill
Jeffrey W. and Karen R. Hill
Prof. Richard O. and Mrs. Alice G. Hill
Sue L. Hinterman
Harold R. and Barbara A. Hite
Cynthia M. and Dennis L. Hoffman
Matthew T. Hoffman
Carol K. Hohnke
Elinor M. Holbrook
Selma and Stanley (D)*Hollander
Mark W. Holtzapple
Richard F. Honymar and Linda Fujiwarza-Honymar
Janet S. and Charles E. Hook
Annette Y. and Randy C. Hoppenworth
David D. and Iris O. Horner
Carolyn F. Hornev
Julie C. Horvath
Suzanne L. Hosner
Peter S. Hovmand
Lois L. Hudson
Troy M. and Felicia Hughes
Steven D. and Cindy C. Hughey
David Hunt
Granville W. Hurlong III
Debora L. Huxtable and Christopher Rietz
Irmgard S. Immel
Mary K. Indianer
Stacey T. Ingram
Theodore M. Irland
George L. and Diane Y. Irwin
Glennys L. and Dean L. Israel
Stuart M. and Cheryll B. Israel
Karl E. Ittmann and Lorri J. White
Howard A. and Mary L. Jack
Geraldine M. Jacobson
Judy F. Jashinsky
Sandra J. Jeannotte
Judy P. Jenkins
Harlan F. Jennings, Jr. and Anne Nispel
Patricia A. Jessup
Colleen M. Johnson and Ellen A. Ives
Daniel C. and Leslie L. Johnson
Freda Johnson
Gilbert M. Johnson
James C. and Joanne E. Johnson
Janet and William Johnson
Kathleen R. Johnson
Kathleen S. Johnson
Kimberly S. Johnson
Marilyn P. and Paul A. Johnson
Dr. Richard S. Johnson
Ellen M. Johnston
Chad C. Jones
Dr. Margaret Z. Jones and Dr. John W. Jones
Herb and Mary Jim Josephs
Renee and Martin G. Jourden
Bethany A. Johnson Judge and Jeffrey A. Judge
John R. Kaatz
Patricia A. Kaatz
John E. and Mary A. Kajander
Dennis E. Kallek
Juris and Inara A. Kalnins
Barret J. Kaltz
David J. Kathman, Jr.
Lewis J. Katz
Drs. Donald Kaufman and Elizabeth Hutchinson
Susan C. and David L. Keister
Robert W. and Robert W. Kelly
Mary E. and James A. Kendall
Charlotte I. and D. R. Kent
Hari Kern
Jacquelyn R. Kerr
Erika J. and Gabriel J. Kessler
Esther G. Kessler
George M. Kessler
Cheryl L. and Joel Kimelman
Karen E. Kimen
Michael A. and Karen King
William M. and Susan E. King
Gregory A. and Jill J. Kingdon
Charlotte Kirch
Edgar and Ellen Kirk
Jennifer M. Klingler
James R. and Nancy E. Knabel
Christine A. Knapp
Joan P. Knight
Patricia A. and E. Larry Knight
Robert Knudson, Jr. and Ruth H. Knudson
Peter B. Knupfer and Nancy Nelson Knupfer
Julie B. Koenig
Audrey L. and William C. Koester
Carl W. Koivuniemi
James J. and Ann E. Kolata
Barbara J. Kolekamp
Linda K. Koontz
Michael and Paula Koppisch
Marilyn S. Korpi
Debra and Terry J. Korth
William C. and Elizabeth F.
Gloria A. Koss
Elsie M. Kovacs
Pamela A. Koziel
Angelika N. Kraemer and Nathaniel C. Moore
Janet L. Kreger
Mordechai and Marlaina Kreinin
Debra Kronenberg
Clara E. Krug
Corwin A. and Elaine A. Krugh
Joseph Krupp
Stephen L. and Christine Kruze
Lawrence J. Kuizema
Kathleen Kukielka
Carol Rae Kumata
Laurie C. Kuna
Elizabeth C. Kupfer
Mike Kupfer
David W. Laetz and Karen Myers Laetz
John W. and Jeanne M. Laimon
Laura J. and Steven C. Lalonde
Eric M. and Marie G. Lambert
Marla K. and Dale Lambert
Marjorie E. Lamothe
Amy N. Langdon
Carole J. and David D. Lange
Robert L. Last and Jill M. Canny
Cleo-Rae Lavey
Marilyn A. and Mansour Lavi
Rachel G. Laws
Jean M. Lawton
Marianne E. Layer
Elaine and Terry Lee
Linda K. Lee
Thomas H. and Deana Leinberger
Lisa M. Lemble
John P. Lemek III and Sarah E. Dudley-Lemek
Elizabeth S. Lepak
Jean L. Lepard
John L. Lepard and Emily C. Sutton-Smith
Beth L. and Robert T. Leppert
Peter L. Letavec
Melvyn G. Levin
Ian E. and Cynthia K. Levine
Anne C. Levy
Margaret Levy
Mark R. and Diane Levy
Juliet A. Levy-Weston and Eric B. Weston
Richard and Elizabeth
Angela J. and C. Michael Liberato
Rebecca S. Liebing
Diana R. and Douglas L. Liechty
Linda L. Livingstone
Robert W. and Alice Lodge
Shawn D. and Pamela M. Loewen
Diana L. Lomarcan
Jon C. Looney and Christie A. Lozen-Looney
Mary L. Lorencz
Gregory L. Loughrige
Mary Elizabeth Low
Eileen M. and Peter J. Luther
Howard P. Lyon
Sally L. and Robert P. Lyons
Donley K. Mackey
Cecil and Clare Mackey
Sandra S. and Ed Macy
Tanja Maffei-Chan and Robert K. Chan
Dianne M. Mahalak
Joyce A. Maierle
Jacqueline R. Maki
Mary E. and James F. Malek
Steven F. Mandell and Lori J. Eisner
Lawrence W. Manglitz
Jean E. Manning
Bernard R. and Loretta S. Mannisto
Teresa A. Marchetti
Phyllis C. Marion
Jane E. Markey and Curt A. Benson
Bernadette Y. and Jeffrey D. Marsh
John and Mildred Runnells Martin
Jessica A. Martin-Trulen
Janet E. and William Marting
Michael D. Matich
Thomas S. Matsusaka
Laura S. Matthews
Julie M. Matway
Mervyn K. and Patricia A. Maxwell
Kristie M. Mazzoni
Wallace R. McAllister
Sally A. and Eric G. McAttee
Margie D. McCall
Michael J. and Marybeth McCarthy
Susan A. and Robert J. McClean
Susan and Donald S. McClure
Elaine M. McComb-Lynch
Katherine P. and Charles J. McCracken
Alexander G. McCrae
Nancy B. McCrae
Lynora R. and Howard B.
Deborah W. McDonell
Betty Jo McGlone
Cheryl M. McGovern
Margaret L. and Shawn R.
James R. and Jean P. McIntyre
Nancy A. McKee
Russell R. McKee
Irene H. McKenna
Michael B. and Rebekah J.
Robert H. and Esther H. McKinley
Daniel L. and Laura McKnight
Austin J. McLean, Jr.
E. M. McNamara and Kay Erlanger-McNamara
Rebecca C. and Juan Medina
Mark I. Mellen
Dale S. Meltzer
Sharon L. Mensing
Richard C. Mentch and Kristie D. McLean Mentch
Anne E. Merriman
Charlene C. Merten
Gerritt B. and Cynthia Meyers
John C. and Jodi A. Micallef
Rita A. Michalski
Bruce A. Michaud
Gayle A. Michener
Joseph P. and Nevada B. Miklos
Richard J. Miksicek and Susanne Kelff
Joy A. Milano
Mark C. Milgrom
Shelagh and Robert Miller
Gordon E. Miracle
Kelaine L. Mish
Anita R. and Patrick E. Mitchell
Jeremiah L. Mitchum
Emily K. Mitseff
Wolfgang J. and Odile Mittig
Karen N. Moellenberg and
Charles H. Moellenberg, Jr.
Stephen T. Moffett
Lucille A. Monark
Holly D. Monsos
Donald W. Monta and Nancy L. Stanley
Mary L. and William J. Montcalm
Patricia H. and James R. Monteith
John W. and Virginia L. Mooney
Steven L. Moorman
Mindy J. Morgan
Daniel A. Morgenstern and Moriah Moser
John M. and Christine G. Morosi
E. Scott Morris
Elizabeth A. and E Michael Morris
Esther Morrison
Louise A. Morse
Bruce W. Mortimer and Kristine L. Parnell
Stacy A. Mosher
Kathryn A. Mosley
Jon A. and Susan L. Moss
Catherine A. Mracna
Mary M. Mroz
Robert and Nancy Muhlbach
Thomas P. Mullaney
Raul and Gloriela A. Munoz
James P. Murphy and Mary M. Thiel-Murphy
Florence L. and Lloyd W. Murray
Carol M. Myers-Scotton
John F. Neely
Donna M. Neff
Douglas O. and M. Kay Neff
Tom and Jo Ann Neff
Alan Neiberg
Janice E. Nelson, Ph.D.
Steven M. Neumann
Marilyn C. Neumiller
Heather E. Newhouse
Heather M. and Vincent A. Nicely
William J. and Dace Nichols
Erik K. Nielsen
Keith E. and Lonna T. Nielsen
Lisa M. Niemkiewicz
Gayle O. and Richard L. Njus
Kathryn J. and Gilbert A. Noirot
Natalie J. Novak
Ann L. Nowak and Charles E. Chamberlain, Jr.
Mary T. O’Neill
Ronald and Katherine O’Neill
Daniel and Anna Oginsky
Karen S. Ogle and Daniel A. Mishkin
Sarah A. Okaya
Marshall C. Olds
Josef S. Olsavsky
Gerald L. Olson
Judith E. Olson and Frank Gualdoni
Eleanor E. Omoto
Bruce K. Omundson
Dimity E. Orlet
Michael D. and Colleen M. Osborn
Stephen W. Osborn
Carol A. Osborne
Gerhard F. Osterbeck
Roberta A. Otten
Robert P. and Leticia A. Overholt
Tina S. and Edward A. Oxer
Gregory A. and Betty R. Padgett
Katherine V. Palmiter
Joseph W. and Sally Ann Panek
Richard C. and Elizabeth A. Pannier
Renate B. Parke
Barbara F. and Phillip M. Parks
Ross H. and Heather S. Parr
Elizabeth W. Patterson
Maria J. and Ronald J. Patterson
Chantal A. and Harlan R. Patton
Martin E. and Elaine F. Pearlman
Kelly J. Pearson
Bob and Dotti Pearson
William S. and Kay Pearson
Kathleen R. and George A. Peckham
Laura M. and Douglas Peek
Adele M. Pequet
Owen Z. Perlman
Isaac N. Perry
Catherine A. Persons
Sara J. Peterhans
Richard S. Petersen
Cameron L. Phillips
Thomas L. and Martha R. Phillips
Lance Piedmonte
Walter J. and Anne M. Pienciak
Deborah L. Pierce
Barbara B. Pieroni
Kathleen S. and William J. Pistono
Anne W. and Joffie C. Pittman
Laurel A. and Ted C. Pitynski
F. DeWitt and Dixie C. Platt
Janet S. Pletcher and Ronald A. Richards
Manya Jo Pleva
Zachary E. and Stefanie S. Pohl
Barry A. and Mary K. Polack
Jane W. Poliakoff
Ruth Polin
Riva A. Pollard
Robert C. and Nancy L. Pollard
Lois M. Pollock
Jean A. Pomeroy Springer
Rena K. Poponea
Thomas J. Poponea
Matilda Post
Nancy C. Postorino-Reeves
Mary A. and Victor E. Potter
Judith Poxson Fawkes and Thomas J. Fawkes
Dana E. Precious
Glenn R. and Meryl B. Prezocki
Suzanne A. and John R. Price
Howard J. and Mary L. Pridmore
Gwendolyn D. Pringle
William J. and Margaret C. Prior
Wesley A. Protsman and Jacqueline M. Vossler
Leonard P. Provencher
Daniel J. and Erika L. Quiggins
David P. Quigley
Christopher J. and Julie A. Quinn
Abby K. Rahn
Cristie L. and Patrick M. Rahn
Marlene D. Rand
Deborah A. Randall-Hlubek
Priyadarshini R. Rane
Norman A. Rasulis and Rita M. Kissen
Janice E. and Paul G. Ray
Donna K. Raymond
Carl R. Reed
Gerhard Reimer
Michael T. and
Connie S. Reinholm
Maurice and Leanor Reizen
Charlene E. Rennoe
Robert P. and Sandra L. Reno
Wayne W. and Jane M. Repko
Diane and John Revitte
Rosendo C. and Esperanza A. Reyes
Mark A. and Susan L. Richardson
Kay S. Richter
Michael G. Ricks
Leslie S. Riedel
Mary R. and Richard A. Riisberg
Robert Rischard
Evelyn M. Rivera
Elizabeth M. Rivers
Mary E. and James G. Robb
Mary E. Roberts
Patricia J. Rock
Shirley M. Rodgers
Mark H. Rodkin
Don H. and Millicent Roelofs
Marcia J. and Richard L. Rogers
Millard F. Rogers, Jr. and Nina O. Rogers
Barbara Rogoff
Arthur and Cheri Rolnick
Jennifer S. Romanoski
Christine M. Romans
Winifred H. Rome
Elizabeth W. Rook
Judith D. Rosen-Davis
Kristin E. Rosenthal
Michael and Janie Roth
Ruth A. Rothenburg
Ellen C. and Dany Rothfeld
Mildred M. Rothgarn
Robert J. Roznowski
Phyllis M. Rubenstein
Mary J. and Edward O. Ruffley
Alexander E. Ryshkewitch
Catherine Y. Ryu
Willa F. Sacco
David A. Salerno
Janet S. Samet O’Leary
Linda S. Samuelson
Frank S. and Angela D. Sanborn
Samantha P. Sanchez
Ronald A. Santora
Peter J. Sarantos
Dennis P. and Diane J. Sarr
Leslie F. and James W. Satchell
Linda J. Savage and Todd Leigh
Mary H. Schadler
Linda L. Schaible
Robert H. Schantz
Marilyn Y. and Donald R. Schlief
Dorothy W. Schmidt
Raymond C. Schmidt
Mary A. Schoemehl and Donald E. Casterline
Elaine M. and Mark Schonberger
Harold and Annette Schott
Jan F. Schreiber
Sarah B. Schrope
Bruce W. and Kathleen L. Schug
Claire L. Schwartz
John and Liz Schweitzer
Elfie E. Schwiderson
Donald G. Scott
Jay C. Scovie
Drs. Elizabeth and Arthur Seagull
Martha A. Seaman McKee
Richard P. and Brenda Seely
Roberta E. Seiss
Jerald B. Selleck
Kathryn G. and Blaine F. Severin
Joseph R. Shalla and Kristine M. Armaly
Lawrence Shanker
James R. Shanks
Janet A. and Barry L. Shaver
Georgia M. and Christopher Sherman
Mathew E. and Sarah J. Sherwood
John L. and Barbara L. Shipman
Stephen L. and Marcia L. Sholty
Michael M. Shoudy and Ryan Ranzino
Robert C. and Jo H. Sidwell
William and Janice Simpson
Richard B. and Elinor C. Sinclair
Rosanne Singer and Steve Mencher
Sandra L. Singer
Sharon L. Sinton
Keith Sirlin
Heather S. Sisto
Ilona Skalder
Margaret R. Slade
Maureen M. Slavin
Stuart Sleight
Alan and Shirley Brocker Sliker
Bruce E. Smith and Martha Colony-Smith
Craig M. Smith
Orville A. Smith, Jr. and Clara J. Smith
Geneva Smitherman
Richard L. and Joanne H. Snell
Carolyn S. Snively
Paul H. Snyder and Patricia A. Block
Laurie L. and Steven D. Solotorow
Louis D. and Sally Soverinsky
Randall and Brenda A. Soverinsky
Mary Jane Spalding
Susan W. Sparapani
Alisa Sparkia Moore and John T. Moore
Steven T. and Esther M. Spees
Edward T. Spink
Virginia L. Spink
Ronald J. and Dedra Springsteen
James B. Stapleton
Diana M. Stark
Goose Stauffer
Julie A. Steadman
Paula J. Steele
Barry C. Stephan
Brenda Sternquist
Victoria E. Sterzick-Coates
Brenda C. Steward
Sharon A. and Jere G. Stone
Joseph L. Stout and
Paulette Petrimoulx
Richard B. Scala and Gretchen Bria
David W. Stowe
Jacqueline M. Stowell
Bruce J. Shnider and Patricia L. Strandness
Blaine W. Strimple
Mark J. Suchowski
Birgitta N. Sujdak Mackiewicz and Darin Mackiewicz
Carole C. Suksi and Patrick Thomson
Andrea K. Sullivan and Charles C. Sullivan III
James V. and Kathleen M. Swanson
Jonathan X. Swets
Bette J. Szonyi
Thayer and Peter M. Taft
Alison L. and Ralph E. Taggart
Dr. Bing Tai and Ms. Catherine Allen
M. T. Tavormina
Megan Taylor Krueger and Timothy Krueger
Lisa M. and Edwin N. Teall
Julie B. and Mark L. Teicher
Chun Hong Teng and Zheng Gang Wang
Harry A. and Chica Tenney
Mary L. Terrien
Anthony J. Tezak III
Judith A. Thelen and Larry C. Chambers
Richard P. Thiede and Susan C. Penl
Kevin P. and Mary Thomas
Richard K. Thomas
Samuel J. and Paula A. Thomas
Dozier W. and Kazuko O. Thornton
Thomas and Joy Thrun
Marjorie D. Timmer
Michael A. Todt
Suzanne S. and Alan S. Tomlinson
Thaivi Tonnu
Joseph J. Toth, Jr.
April L. Townsend
Terri Trainor Clark
Deborah A. and Steven J. Trent
Carol J. and John A. Tribble
Elizabeth M. Trombetta
Carita A. and Timothy N. Trumble
Joseph S. and Cele F. Tuchinsky
James S. and Beverly E. Tucker
Nancy S. and David C. Tucker
Patrice D. Turner
Marion G. Upper
Vivian G. Valdmanis
Michael D. Vale
Justine M. Van Belkum
Leslie A. Van Brandt
Joyce A. Vance and Phillip A. Brown
Joseph A. Velky and Dianne L. Bish
David Victor
Anne M. and William R. Violin-Wigent
Florence A. Vipond
Matthew J. Vis
Rodney M. Vliet
Debra A. Vurpillat
Carol L. Waara
Suzanne M. and Robert L. Wade
Susan K. Waisanen
Virginia M. Waldinger
Gwendolyn L. Walker
Margaret A. Walker
Carol L. Wallace
William S. Wallace
Cheryl M. Walsh
Daniel Walter
Shiu Hua and Kim H. Wang
Jane A. Warren
Thomas D. and Karen E. Wasserman
Tyler Way
Andrea T. and John S. Weas
Phyllis J. Wegner
Robert E. Wegner
Clifford E. and Doris M. Weil
Donald J. and Annette B. Weinshank
Robert M. Weiss
Sally A. Weiss
Sandra J. and Robert M. Weiss
Carol Welch
Alan W. Weller
Benjamin and Kristin Wells
Diana L. Wells
Steven B. Wells
Tammy and Thomas J. Welsh
Barbara L. Wendland
Pauline J. and Michael P. Werner
Donald E. and Catherine J. West
Mary L. Westerberg
Barry and Barbara E. Whenal
Hollis H. and Eileen H. Whitaker
Linda White
Regina D. Whitehead
Louis M. and Kathryn Wildfong
Angela M. Williams
Cadance T. Williams
Connie Williams
Gordon S. Williams
Jane L. and Donald D. Williams
John S. Williams
Virginia D. Williford
Gladys Willis
Debra A. and James W. Willmer
John and Carolyn Willoughby
Darlene I. Wilson and Sherman L. Ampey
Marilyn J. and Stuart M. Wilson
Sarah E. Wilson
Stephen J. and Marcia E. Wilson
Jill A. Wiltse and H. K. Brown III
Charles M. Winnicki
Eva and Richard C. Winton
Bonnie H. and Richard L. Withers
Jill M. Wohlfert
Gerald F. Wojcik
Karla Wold-Clark and David A. Clark
Mary K. Wolfe
Robert E. and Jacqueline M. Wollenberg
Susan M. Wood
Katherine M. Woodhams-Poe and Stanley E. Poe
William R. Woodward
Hongbin Wu
Yasuo and Irene Y. Yatsushiro
Ara G. and Agavni Z. Yeramyan
June Pierce Youatt
Eliza M. Young
Mary J. Young
Carl L. Zang
Minglang Zhou
Wendy E. Zieger
Lucy A. Zimmerman

Corporations, Corporate Foundations, Private Foundations, Associations, and Groups

Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity
The American Institute of Graphic Arts
Back N Balance
Bank of Ann Arbor, Inc.
Belfor USA Group, Inc.
B’nai B’rith Hillel Jewish Student Center
Brodrick Violins
CATA Bus Line
Chudnow Properties Investment, LLC
Classic Travel, Incorporated
Clerical Technical Union of MSU
Comforts N Joy
Congregation Kehillat Israel
Congregation Shaarey Zedek
Consulate General of Israel
Coral Gables of East Lansing
Court Theatre
Craig Mitchell Smith Glass
Creative Wellness, Inc.
Dean Charters & Tour Inc.
Detailed Divas
Douglas J Academy of Cosmetology
Douglas J Institute
Dusty’s Cellar
Eagle Eye Golf
Elbinger Photography Studio
Fabric Gallery
Foods For Living
Foster, Swift, Collins & Smith, P.C.
Friends of John McAdoo
Goodman Theatre
Grand Hotel
Grand Traverse Pie Co.
Greater Lansing Jewish Welfare Federation
H & H Mobil Service
Lansing Chapter Of Hadassah
Hawk Hollow, L.L.C.
Hayman Realty Partners
Horace Mann High
Icarus Falling
Italian American Club of Lansing, Inc.
J and S Enterprises
Jackson National Life
Insurance Company
Jewelry Doctor
Max Kade Foundation, Inc.
Katalyst Gallery
Kimberly Consulting, Incorporated
Kordenbrock & Associates, P.C.
Lansing Civic Players Guild Inc.
Lansing Pediatric Associates P.C.
Lansing Symphony Association Inc.
Law Office of Robert D. Starkman
Benard L. Maas Foundation
Mackerel Sky Gallery
Mariel Foundation
The Marriott Hotel
Meadow Brook Theatre
Michigan Ceramic Art Association
Mitchell’s Fish Market
Michigan State University Federal Credit Union
October Moon Art Gallery & Gift Boutique
Our Dance Studio
Paramount Coffee Company
Peckham Foundation
Peppermint Creek Theatre Co.
Performance Network
Phil Simon Enterprises, Inc.
Pilates Zone
The Purple Rose Theatre Co.
Rainier Investment Management, Inc.
Red Cedar Friends Meeting
Riordan Fulkerson Hupert & Coleman
Riverwalk Theater Community
Riverwalk Theatre
Saper Galleries
Shellynn Enterprises, Inc.
Sindhu Restaurant
Sofitel Chicago Water Tower
The Soup Spoon Cafe
The Spencer Foundation
SRK Realty Co. Inc.
St. Thomas Aquinas Parish
State of Fitness
Student Book Store, Inc.
Sultan’s Mediterranean Cuisine & Bakery
Team Lansing Foundation
The David Project
Tipping Point Theatre
Traveler’s Club International Restaurant
Weisman, Young & Ruemenapp, P.C.
Wild Birds Unlimited
Williams Auto World
Williamston Theatre

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