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New Online M.A. in Foreign Language Teaching Created

to teach your native language and culture? Interested in learning to teach a second language and culture that you have mastered? Interested in honing the foreign language teaching skills you already possess or developing new credentials in foreign language program development or related professional areas? Looking for new or expanded career opportunities?

Those are the questions that the MSU College of Arts & Letters is answering with its new online M.A. in Foreign Language Teaching (MAFLT) program. This innovative master’s program blends second language acquisition studies, foreign language and culture teaching pedagogy, and opportunities for professional development in areas such as outreach, technology in foreign language teaching, and FL program supervision.

Designed for those interested in becoming foreign language teachers who are already in possession of a bachelor’s degree or equivalent, and who have achieved specified proficiency levels in the target language, the MAFLT program includes several key features:

  • Online program – All core courses are online, while the required “experiential module,” designed with the student and monitored by the MSU mentor, will occur at a location convenient for the student.
  • Integrated studies – SLA foundation studies integrated with theory and practice of teaching a target language.
  • Career development focus – Individually designed career development is provided through experiential modules.
  • Integration of technology – Technology application in language teaching will be stressed in all course work and many of the experiential modules.
  • Focus on teaching of culture
  • Portfolio requirement

The online Master of Arts degree in Foreign Language Teaching provides the aspiring foreign language teacher with the fundamental background and practical experience to teach a specific target language, while also offering current foreign language teachers opportunities to continue and/or enhance their education. With its focus on solid foundations in second language acquisition (SLA) and the intersection of SLA with the practice of foreign language teaching, this program prepares students to design lesson plans, courses, and curricula that support teaching for high levels of language proficiency. In addition, students will be prepared to integrate technology effectively into the teaching of language and culture. Students also work with faculty mentors to create an “experiential module” that is designed not only to enhance the student’s plan of study, but also to contribute substantially to preparation for career placement.


Professor Paula Winke, MAFLT Project Director, at or visit

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