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“Transparency” Fashion Show

Collaborates with the Broad Museum

Top: The "Transparency" show was highly participative, with each fashion's designer as well as fellow designers often incorporated into "revealing" the finished work. Lower right: designer Martìn Flores, shown here with his model, MSU student Anna Rutkowski, took a literal yet creative approach to "fashion as art."

One month to design and create turned into a Sunday afternoon of show and reveal at MSU's new Broad Art Museum, April 7, 2013. Dubbed "Transparency," the Apparel and Textile Design program's pop-up fashion show was developed in collaboration with the Broad's "Patterns" art exhibit.

"Our 34 designers were given just a month to design and create an outfit that was both wearable and art," says Professor Theresa Winge, "and they truly responded. With the annual ATD Fashion Show at the end of March and this special show in April, our building has been filled with designers working furiously for the last two months."

The designers created wearable fashions that converted into second, third and even fourth "looks," by adjusting ties, straps, string or fabric; reversing garments, or adding dry ice to create a "smoke" effect. Students utilized everything from an oversized picture frame, wood, and 45 rpm records to plastic spoons, hair decorations, paint, and scissors to cut geometric designs in the fabric. Patterns for the garments as well as patterns built into and created of and on fabric were evident throughout the hour-long show.

Said one onlooker, "Seeing fashion and art come together like this has inspired me to break out my sewing machine and see what I can do. The reversible designs for jumpers that became skirts and, then, dresses or even coats, were really cool."

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