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Introducing the first issue of MUSES magazine, then Dean of the College of Arts & Letters John W. Eadie wrote:

"The vitality of the arts and humanities at Michigan State University is attested in the creative activities, teaching initiatives, and research projects celebrated in this first issue of The Muses of Michigan State University: College of Arts & Letters 1987-88…We want our alumni and friends to know that the College of Arts & Letters is alive and well and is making its own distinctive contribution to the national revival of the arts and humanities."

Since then, 25 years have passed, along with 24 issues of MUSES in various sizes, formats and incarnations. With this issue, we mark not only the 50th anniversary of the College of Arts & Letters, but also the 25th anniversary of MUSES. These two pages offer the opportunity to look back at the past covers, and reminisce about the College's last 25 years in print. Enjoy!



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