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PhD Candidate Awarded Excellence-in-Teaching Citation

Jennifer Royston 01 695

Jennifer Royston, a PhD student in the Department of English specializing in Renaissance Literature and Early Modern Visual Culture, was awarded an MSU Excellence-in-Teaching Citation.

“Aside from my research, my passion lies in teaching,” Royston said, “and some of the most rewarding moments come from interactions with my students.”

At MSU, Royston has taught WRA 150: Evolution of American Thought; IAH 202 (online): European Interactions with the Rest of the World Since 1492; IAH 207: Michigan Literature; and IAH 207: Dangerous Art.

She currently is researching the relationship between visual design and art in early modern drama, masques, and prose. She has presented papers on the use of portraiture in Shakespeare’s works and papers that explore the aesthetic significance of early modern husbandry manuals.

MSU awards up to six Excellence-in-Teaching Citations annually to outstanding graduate teaching assistants who have distinguished themselves by the dedication and skill they show in meeting their classroom responsibilities. Award recipients received a $1,000 stipend and were recognized at the annual Awards Convocation February 9.

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